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I am a resourceful and accomplished Togaf-certified data architect with over 15 years of industry experience in health care data.
I am specialized in data integration and data warehousing with roles ranging from designing and building large-scale data exchange interfaces, to ETL lead and resident DBA with focus on performance tuning.
I have extensive Oracle database expertise and excellent knowledge of Siebel Application data. I have a track record of successfully leading teams and ensuring clear and executable deliverables with optimized data flow processing times.






More about Me

I recently completed the data analytics certification with University of Toronto.
This course was rigorous and fast-paced boot camp that focused on the practical technical skills needed to solve data problems.
Throughout the course I completed a number of projects using a number of technologies and tools.

Technologies I use:

Excel + VBA, Python, JavaScript, RESTful APIs, R-Script, No-sql Mongodb, Postgresql Relational Database, Tableau

Recent Projects

These are just a few of the projects I have collaborated on.

Credit Risk Analysis 1

We use a variety of machine learning techniques to train and evaluate models with unbalanced data set

Code Live Demo

Amazon Vine Program Analysis

Amazon Vine program is a service that allows manufacturers and publishers to receive reviews for their products.
Companies subscribe to this service by paying a small fee to Amazon and provide products to Amazon Vine members,
who are then required to publish a review.
We examine reviews of Musical instruments dataset from Amazon Vine program to see if the reviews are biassed.

Code Live Demo

MechaCar Statistical Analysis

We use the multi-line linear regression model against the MechaCar data to predict the fuel consumption.

Code Live Demo

Mapping Earthquakes

We use Leaflet javascript api library to display earthquakes data on a map.

Code Live Demo

Mission to Mars

We scrape planet Mars data from Astrogeology Science Center website and display it on our web site.

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Salford University (UK)

BSc. Computer Studies

University of Toronto

Data Analytics Certification

CTE Solutions

Togaf 9.1 Certified Architect

I'm currently working as GEMINI data architect at Vector Institute Toronto

GEMINI data and analytics help improve hospital care in GIM through quality improvement (QI). High quality data and advanced analytics can identify and prioritize targets for QI interventions, support implementation, and provide timely and actionable feedback to physicians and administrators.

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